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Low Self Control Theory Tested

Gottfredson and Hirschi’s low self-control theory proposed that self-control is what allows people to resist crime along with short term satisfaction, and that self-control depends on the caliber of parenting done during a child’s early years (Lilly, et. al, 2011).  Another thesis that has merit, but likely overstated is Gottfredson and Hirschi’s argument that ineffective… Continue reading Low Self Control Theory Tested

Genetic Influences

Genetic influences can interact with environmental influences (Beaver). I have seen this firsthand many time in my line of work (Bail Bonds) with many different families. One case comes to mind where I bonded out a father, and a son various times over the years for domestic violence charges. Both individuals have lengthy rap sheets… Continue reading Genetic Influences

Crime Mapping

Computerized mapping is an ever-developing technology that assists many police departments in planning, operations, and crime analysis (McEwen & Taxman, 1995). Since the 1980’s there has been an increase in the development of statistical spatial tools along with a development of geographically weighted regression techniques (Ratcliff, 2004). These tools have helped with developing hot spots… Continue reading Crime Mapping

Agnews Strain Theory

Many Criminologist have come up with their own theories or reasons as to why people commit crimes. Some of the theories do make sense, but again sometimes we will never know why some people commit crimes and others do not. In 1938 Robert Merton published a ten-page article “Social Structure and Anomie” (Lilly et. al,… Continue reading Agnews Strain Theory