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    This Electronic Monitoring Addendum (“Addendum”) is attached to and forms part of the Bail Bond Application and Agreement signed, sealed and delivered by you as Defendant (“Agreement”) and is incorporated into the Agreement by this reference.
    Any terms used in this Addendum without definition and defined in the Agreement shall have the meanings assigned to these terms by the Agreement.
    In consideration of Surety’s issuing or causing to be issued the Bond, you agree that Surety and its producers, agents, designees or representatives (collectively, “Representatives”), in their sole and absolute discretion, may require you, for any reason or no reason, to wear an electronic monitoring device (“EM Device”) in accordance with applicable law (if any). If Surety or its Representatives require you to wear an EM Device, you understand that you shall be monitored continuously by a tamper-proof, non-removable transmitter that is to be worn without interruption during the entire period of electronic monitoring.
    Upon notice by Surety and/or its Representatives that you must wear an EM Device, you shall follow all instructions provided by Surety and/or its Representatives in order to establish the electronic monitoring and install the EM Device including, without limitation, your immediately making your person and premises physically available to any third party electronic monitoring vendor (“EM Vendor”) designated by Surety and/or its Representatives.
    You shall not remove, disconnect, destroy or tamper with the EM Device in any way, and you agree that the EM Device may be inspected at any time and at any place by the EM Vendor, Surety and/or its Representatives. You shall be responsible for the cost of any damaged equipment and shall indemnify and hold Surety and its Representatives harmless for any and all damages as a result of wearing or tampering with the EM Device.
    You shall comply with all terms and conditions imposed upon you by the EM Vendor and/or any other party relating to the electronic monitoring. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all fees, costs and expenses relating to the electronic monitoring including, without limitation, any installation, maintenance and monitoring fees charged by the
    EM Vendor and/or any other party relating to the electronic monitoring (“Fees”).

    Below is a schedule of Fees, and you shall pay Fees to


    Your failure to comply with the provisions of this Addendum shall constitute a breach of your obligations to Surety, and Surety shall have the right to immediately apprehend, arrest and surrender you, and you shall not be entitled to any refund of premium unless required by applicable law.
    This Addendum supplements the terms and conditions of the Agreement, all of which terms and conditions remain in full force and effect. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of the Agreement and this Addendum, this Addendum shall control.

    Signed, sealed and delivered this

    day of


    Signature of Defendant:

    Printed name of Defendant: