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Various Crime Theories

I am going to briefly discuss Control Theories, and then look at how control theory is both similar and different than social learning theory and strain theory. Control theories characterize a vast group of theories that attempt to explain crime by looking at factors external to the person that prevent them from engaging in anti-social… Continue reading Various Crime Theories

Social Learning Theory

Social learning theory identifies parents, friends, the media, and other role models as potential causes of crime (Beaver). From personal experiences in my own life Social Learning Theory seems like a solid theory as to why some people end up committing crimes. I knew some people in my high school that hung out together, and… Continue reading Social Learning Theory

Social Disorganization Theory

Social disorganization theory which emerged as the United States entered the 20th century was a vision that suggested that crime like other behaviors was a social product (Lilly et. al, 2011). At that time this was a departure from most criminological theories because it moved away from searching for the causes of crime from within… Continue reading Social Disorganization Theory

Merton’s Strain Theory

Although crime is rampant in many cities across the United States, I am still the type of person who believes in self accountability. Even though I firmly believe in self accountability I have seen with my own eyes how some individuals end up committing crimes.  Some people do come from bad families, and rough areas… Continue reading Merton’s Strain Theory

Low Self Control Theory

In 1990 Travis Hirschi joined together with Michael Gottfredson and they developed an explanation of crime called Low Self Control Theory which differs significantly from Hirschi’s earlier work (Lilly, et. al, 2011).  They proposed that self-control is what allows people to resist crime along with short term satisfaction, and that self-control depends on the caliber… Continue reading Low Self Control Theory